Little Lotte's Life

Little Lotte's Life

Just a little different…

My arm is different. You know how a electronic device doesn’t work if it’s got a loose connection somewhere? That’s what it’s like the wiring is there but the connection isn’t strong. Over the years I have adapted to using… Continue Reading →

Difficulty with Independence and Epilepsy

Epilepsy, it’s certainly hard. I have good and bad days with my patience tested frequently. I get tired and fed up. Some days can be that bad that I can’t even walk Tilly round the village. When I think back… Continue Reading →

Meet the Sheep

Hey all. So, as you can guess I’m an animal lover. I have a couple of Sheep. All animals have their own personalities, just like us. These two are quite the opposite to each other. One is a little mischief… Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Epilepsy

Let’s talk Epilepsy. For those who are unfamiliar with what Epilepsy is, it’s where there’s a sudden increase in electrical activity in the brain and results in symptoms that show in different ways. What symptoms are shown depends on which… Continue Reading →


I’d like to introduce my dog Tilly💫, actually tell a lie one of my best friends. I got her when she was just a pup, I had been saving up Birthday and Christmas money to get a puppy for years,… Continue Reading →

Autism through my eyes😬

So I was hoping to to a post on Autism and what it is.I’ve been twiddling my thumbs for days now, asking myself how could I word it and make it easy to understand but the thing is, my mate… Continue Reading →

Final day of lockdown

Well here goes, as you all know this year has been hell one way or another. We’re had two lockdowns, one that’s finishing today and sadly alot of people have struggled. For me though I’ve loved it 💫 . Usually… Continue Reading →


First things first, I’m Charlotte and I have Autism and Epilepsy👌 Whaaayy!! I’m about to share my Challenges, laughs and more, both past and present. Even in a world full of people many feel alone even when they’re not. So… Continue Reading →

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