Epilepsy, it’s certainly hard. I have good and bad days with my patience tested frequently. I get tired and fed up. Some days can be that bad that I can’t even walk Tilly round the village. When I think back I can’t remember the last day I didn’t have a seizure.
There’s been times where it really brought me down but what can you do that’s life, we all have difficulties.

Having Epilepsy or regular small seizures can be challenging especially when it gives you less independence than others the same age. I’m in my 20s unable to drive incase I have a seizure and put others and myself in danger. I have some friends a few years younger than me, they can drive and go out doing their own thing. Do you know how hard that is knowing people younger than you can drive? 
I can’t just do one two three gone. (1) Pick up the keys get, 2)Get out the door and 3) drive away) Not only does it cut off my independence for social life but it stops me from getting to the shops, for a walk and even to work. To get places I have to plan in advance, rely on family and buses, then fit into their schedules. Not as easy as 1,2,3, I tell you.