My arm is different. You know how a electronic device doesn’t work if it’s got a loose connection somewhere? That’s what it’s like the wiring is there but the connection isn’t strong. Over the years I have adapted to using one hand for many things as It takes so much time concentration and patience to use both hands. That was a bad decision on my part I do admit. Even though it was a bad decision I’ve still been able to do things that others would need two hands for, like opening sauce bottles or opening 5 bar gates whilst carrying something when working with animals.

I’ve been strapped up in tape and had physio but that wasn’t working for me. I went to rehab for help a few years back as things had got so bad my muscle was deteriorating from my shoulder due to my right side not being used and had caused scapular winging. I remember the specialists saying ‘It’s a good hand’. That made me laugh, a good hand shouldn’t cause years of agony and discomfort from hours of involuntary twitching and jerking on a regular basis. So here I am these days finding out what I’m able to do, along with trying to work on my shoulder, and coordination. Now I know it’s not going to be a quick fix nor perfect result but improvement would be good ­čĺ¬.