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Just a little different…

My arm is different. You know how a electronic device doesn’t work if it’s got a loose connection somewhere? That’s what it’s like the wiring is there but the connection isn’t strong. Over the years I have adapted to using… Continue Reading →

Difficulty with Independence and Epilepsy

Epilepsy, it’s certainly hard. I have good and bad days with my patience tested frequently. I get tired and fed up. Some days can be that bad that I can’t even walk Tilly round the village. When I think back… Continue Reading →

Meet the Sheep

Hey all. So, as you can guess I’m an animal lover. I have a couple of Sheep. All animals have their own personalities, just like us. These two are quite the opposite to each other. One is a little mischief… Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Epilepsy

Let’s talk Epilepsy. For those who are unfamiliar with what Epilepsy is, it’s where there’s a sudden increase in electrical activity in the brain and results in symptoms that show in different ways. What symptoms are shown depends on which… Continue Reading →

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